Miss Bias

16 October 2013

Cassandra Pennisi The Label & Emily Bercher

I recently had an honour of having my Lifestyle & Styling Business sponsor the label launch of a fabulous up and coming fashion and jewellery designers, Cassandra Pennisi and Emily Becher. Cassandra Pennisi, The Label was debuting her first collection "Beyond Now" and Emily Bercher was showcasing her gorgeous "Tactilty" jewellery collection.

The "Beyond Now" collection is beautifully designed and strongly exudes femininity, sophistication with a touch of playfulness, softness, and fluidity. 
Quintessential of the modern woman in today's society wanting to be youthful and classy.

Cassandra Pennisi and her beautifully designed collection.

Emily Becher who created such a gorgeous jewellery range.

All shoes by Santini. Styling done by Stanley Does Style.

Cassandra also designs amazing millinery pieces too.

For information on how to obtain one or all of these great pieces, please email enquiries@cassandrapennisi.com.au

You can see all of Emily's pieces at her website.

The event was a huge hit with a wonderful turnout and the atmosphere was buzzing with awesome rhythmic beats by Velocity Audio and complimentary nail bar by Absolutely You. Lifestyle Vitality Solutions provided a refreshing and nourishing Health Booth with fabulous healthy snacks and beverages.

Awe the fabulous Irish and I representing Lifestyle Vitality Solutions and Vogue Health and Lifestyle Association.

Cassandra and I at the end of the day celebrating such a wonderful event.

Multitasking as Stylist for the event representing Stanley Does Style.

28 September 2013

Flowing in the Wind

Well it's been a while since I posted. Mainly because my fashion styling and lifestyle business are really taking off. 

Here is one of my recently published shoots. I worked with some very talented people and was lucky enough to incorporate some of my dear, up and coming fashion designer, friends and their latest collections in the shoot. 


Photographer: Rupert Laylock
Photography Assistants: Guy Little and Cameron Cooke
Models: Lauren Nicholas and Phoebe Woodhead
Hair and MUA: Jordanna Hiban-Moss
MUA Assistant: Shashelle Adolphe
Fashion Styling: Stanley Does Style (Moi)

 Designers: Reginald, Cassandra Pennisi and Kat Chan

 Designers: Stanley B (Moi) and Val Land

 Designers: Reginald, Cassandra Pennisi 

 Designers: Reginald, Cassandra Pennisi 

 Designers: Reginald, Cassandra Pennisi 

 Designers: Kat Chan

  Designers: Kat Chan

  Designers: Kat Chan

  Designers: Stanley B

   Designers: Stanley B

   Designers: Val Land

   Designers: Kezia Fredrickson

  Designers: Kezia Fredrickson

  Designers: Kezia Fredrickson and Val Land

 Designers: Kezia Fredrickson and Val Land

22 August 2013

Lady Matchstick Blog Launch

After the extreme pleasure of attending the Miss World Australia 2013 event, it was off to another fabulous event, which was the launch of the revamped Lady (Rachel) Matchstick in conjunction with the celebrations of her 25th birthday. The gorgeous Rachel is the owner and writer of her inspirational portal for fashion, beauty, hair, health, lifestyle, career and motivational personal development. 

There was lots of fun to be had and plenty of interesting and loveable people all celebrating together in honour of the wonderful Lady Matchstick.
Photos courtesy of Jessie Obien