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27 January 2010

Australian Open 2010 Fashion

I'm a huge tennis fan. I grew up with tennis. My Dad (a very, very long time ago) was a tennis coach and a highly rated local tennis player in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and in North Queensland. My Mum also played tennis since she was in high school. While my Dad taught me to have a fairly good tennis technique, I never really played whilst I was going to school and therefore never mastered some of the well needed footwork, rhythm or "watch the ball hit the racquet" skills required to excel at the sport, however, did find the love for playing the sport socially about 5 years ago.

I've been watching grand slam tennis since I was about 8 and even remember crying in the 1993 Wimbledon final when Steffi Graff (my all time favourite player) looked like being beaten by a very determined Jana Novotna. But Steffi won 6-4 in the 3rd set, thus it was a great finish to the tournament.

So of course, I built my excitment for the Australian Open by watching all the lead up tennis to the event and haven't missed watching a single night match on t.v. since the event commenced last week. We're now coming into the serious end of the tournament and I'm tipping Justine Henin and Roger Federer to take out the championship trophies.

Having said all that, I've also been a great follower of the men's and women's fashions on the court over the years. This year being no different.

The 2010 Australian Open fashions have not been disappointing. I point out that even though Maria Sharapova lost out in the first round, she definitely didn't loose out in looking the best on the court. Here is her 2010 Australian Open outfit and a video showing her design process for the dress. Whilst there has been much controversy over Nadal's outfit, I think that the mismatch of diamonds, horizontal lines, orange, tan and fuscia was a brave move and he wore it well. And I have to give a commended mention to Lleyton Hewitt for stepping up his outfit from his boring usual.

(Photos courtesy of Google and Prodirect Tennis

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