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21 January 2010

Sample Interiors

My partner and I are currently in the process of building a shed in Townsville, North Queensland. Well he's actually doing all the building and I'm just providing moral support. I did help him stand the frame, but then ended up with excruciating soreness in my calf muscles for a week afterwards, simply from climbing up and down the ladder. So, I have left all the physical work up to him to complete and now I just provide him with verbal praise at the conclusion of each of his buiding milestones.

The shed is just the first step in our building process. We will eventually look to owner build an actual house at some stage down the track. The shed for now will be just a shed, but very well may turn into a guest house at a later date.

Whilst we have been going through this process, I have been looking at interior ideas for both the shed and the future house. I recently came across some pretty cool furniture and interior accessory designs. Although, highly likely that these are out of our price range, I loved them so much, that I just had to share.

Sofa One US$4,800 from Plush Pod

(Photo courtesy of
Plush Pod)

Volataire dressoir US$1,350 from 2b.mod
(Photo courtesy of 2bmod.com)

Mega Bulb Pendant US$395 from Great Dane Furniture

(Photo courtesy of Great Dane Furniture)

Things that we may be able to afford:

Paris Sofa AUD$1,499 from Dare Gallery
(Photo courtesy of Dare Gallery)

Coco Chest AUD$699 from Dare Gallery

(Photo courtesy of
Dare Gallery)

Firenza Designer Coffee Table by Prodigg AUD$398.08 from Home Design (Photo courtesy of homedesign.com.au)

Black and white dining chair AUD$50 from Modern Life Australia
(Photo courtesy of modernlifeaustralia.com)

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