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02 February 2010

2010 Grammy Awards Best and Worst Dressed

Did anyone get a chance to watch the Grammy's the other night? It is one awards show that never ceases to amaze me. There must be an industry non spoken rule, that this is the one and only event that celebrities compete on who is going be the worst dressed. Seriously, there are more worst dressed celebrities at the Grammy Awards that all the other award shows put together. I don't understand! Hot, smokin', good looking celebrities dress up to make themselves look unattractive. Why?

As I shuffled through one after another badly dressed celebrities, I did manage to find some diamonds in the rough.

Kid Cudi

Taylor Swift

Keri Hilson

Melody Thornton

Worst Dressed - there were so many, but these were my worst picks.

Britney Spears

Adrienne Lau


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