Miss Bias

22 February 2010

Art on a budget

Last week I was getting myself settled back into Melbourne and needed a few things for my bedroom. So off I went to Camberwell to have a look around and to take a peek in at the Salvos store, as well as find some new essential manchester. After spending about an hour window shopping, I decided to focus on the task at hand, so I went to Target to look at manchester. Well, luckily for me, they were having a massive reduction on a particular discontinued manchester line. I thought "You beauty! Stock me up."

But while I was there, I was hoping that there might have also been a sale on lamps, as I think a lamp would be quite cute placed somewhere in my room. Unfortunately, no lamps were on sale. However, next to the lamps there was artwork and photographic prints. I'm always interested in looking at artwork and prints (even if it is in Target), so I took a look and to my surprise there were some on sale. As I browsed over the size of the prints, weighing up what I could possibly carry home on public transport along with my large pillow, mattress protector and doona, I found this little gem. No, it's not a masterpiece and to some people it might be considered boring, but I found it quite refreshing and for the price that it was being sold for, I couldn't say no.

This print cost me.............from Target...........$5.86.

I can't even go into a $2 dollar shop and buy the same sized blank canvas for this price. So it now has a loving home in my room, in between my window and built in wardrobe. Mind you, it has only taken me a week to actually put it up on the wall.

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