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08 February 2010

Fashion Illustration loves....

I am a true lover of artwork, drawings and illustration, in particular fashion illustration. I can only ever dream of being able to draw or illustrate well, as I find it quite challenging to visually communicate what I see in my mind or what's in front of me easily. I tend to get a little frustrated when my illustrations don't turn out how I envisaged they would. I know I don't have a natural talent for it, unfortunately, however I can seem to competently replicate a picture or photo - but I guess that defeats the whole purpose of producing original pieces. I've been told it's simply practice. I would imagine though that some sort of natural talent would help immensely.

Part of my studies involves Visual Communication - Illustration, in which I do enjoy, but at times (particularly in Life Drawing classes) become quite flustered with my efforts to produce a piece of artwork that doesn't look like a 5 year old has just been doodling in their spare time.

My best efforts for 2009 was the piece below, which was my only original illustration that was selected to be shown at my university's "End of Year Exhibition." But in comparison to any professional or commercial illustrator, I have a long way to go.

I occasionally search the web, look at books or attend museums to be inspired by artists and illustrators. Here are a few recent inspirations.

Mats Gustafson (Commes de Garcons 2005) Watercolour on paper

Hirotoshi Tanabe "Untitled" 2009 (Issy Miyake 1982) White pencil and heat transfer

Sandra Suy (Pucci)

Bec Winnel

I also wanted to show a Perth illustrator that I stumbled upon recently and think she has amazing talent. Her name is Pippa and you can see her work at www.pippasworkablefixative.blogspot.com

This is one of her recent in-store murals. Gorgeous work.

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