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09 February 2010

Harpar's Bazaar March 2010 issue

I bought the Harper's Bazaar magazine last week and because I have been so busy lately, I only got around to looking at it last night. I normally buy Vogue over Harper's Bazaar, but with their March 2010 issue being a whopping 386 pages, I couldn't resist.

When I first look at a magazine, I go through the following process:

1. Skim over every page just looking at the pictures

2. Make note of the pictures that took my eye and go back to look closer at the designs

3. Skim over every page a 2nd time, just in case I missed anything really fabulous

4. Repeat step 2. if I did miss anything really fabulous

5. Revisit all photo shoots in the magazine, looking at the way the shoot was styled from a venue and outfit point of view and take mental notes of what I really liked and maybe bookmark pages

6. Revisit all trend pages and Editor's picks, again taking mental notes on all items that appeal to me (again bookmarking pages if necessary)

7. Pick out all fashion designer related articles and read articles in full

8. Skim magazine once again focusing on article titles and subtitles and read if appealing

9. Store magazine in a readily accessible place to retrieve bookmarked pages when looking for design and styling inspiration

I'm only up to step 5 at present and this afternoon I again came back to page 322. I love this look, but most of all I'm inlove with this jacket. So much so, that I jumped onto Style.com to look at the complete Givenchy Spring 2010 Ready-to-wear collection.

(Photo from Harper's Bazaar, page 322)

Other beautiful items from the Givenchy Spring 2010 collection.

If I had the cash, I'd wear this in a heartbeat.

Such amazing detail.

My black wedges from Target are just about on their way out. If only I could replace them with these.

(Photos from

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