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25 February 2010

Home design inspiration

Often my partner and I will look for new ideas, new trends and inspiration for when we get around to owner building our dream home, which will be hopefully in the next few years. My partner rang me today to tell me that our shed, which he is currently building and fitting out himself, is almost at lock up stage. I'm not there to see the progress, so I've requested photos and as soon as they arrive, I will post them.

The last few days, I have been utilising some of my free time to look at house and interior designs to keep as a collection of ideas and inspiration to refer to later down the track. I found a great site at House Design News, which showcases the best collections of house designs by architects all over the world.

Here are
some of my recent favourite ideas/inspirations.

We are both really interested in using Mini Orb somewhere on the exterior or interior of the house.

Hariri & Hariri Architects - I love the beautiful open plan living to outdoor space

Andres Remy Arquitectos - would love to have a split level, or second storey bedroom overlooking a pool/entertainment area

David Reid Homes - loving this entrance way

(Photos courtesy of Home Design News &

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Poppy Gets a Life said...

Gosh, such lovely homes... I particularly like the one by Andres Remy Arquitectos.