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14 February 2010

Last Day in Townsville

This is my last day in Townsville. I'm heading back to Melbourne this afternoon. I'm a little anxious about the move back as I leave behind my finance and immediate family and other close family and friends. But university classes start back in the first week of March and I want to feel settled before starting back. I also have to find a job before uni begins so that I can fund my way through 2nd year.

Some recent news though - a few weeks back I won 2nd prize to Fashion Future.com's Business Package Prize and even though I fly into Melbourne tonight, I'm actually turning around tomorrow morning to fly to Sydney to meet with Pam of Fashion Future.com. I'm also going to be attending Fashion Exposed, which I am extremely excited about. I have never been before and have only heard fantastic reviews about the event. I hope to be able to take lots of photos, whilst I'm there.

I'm also looking forward to checking out Sydney's city shopping and factory outlets and fabric stores in Surry Hills. I'm only there for the day, so I will have to be wise with my time in order to capture everything I possibly can.

I have still have two more Townsville Fashion Showcases to post. I hope to do this in the next week so keep a look out for those.

I have to say goodbye to my loving and understanding finance and my beloved V8.

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