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17 February 2010

Menswear in the tropics

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Living in Townsville, North Queensland, involves living in a very hot, humid and tropical climate. 9/10 out of 12 months of the year, the sun shines (and even blisters) all day, everday. The other 2/3 months of the year, there's lots of rain, normally torrential and occasionally cyclonic. Winter is mild and a household heating system is probably not necessary.
Therefore, it's sometimes hard to have a funky and trendy sense of style that is sustained by many in the cooler, southern cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Mostly because you find yourself wanting to be as comfortable as possible in the 30+ degree heat that holds up nearly all year round.
Don't get me wrong, you can still be very stylish living in Townsville, but I will admit that styling trends favoured down south, don't tend to make it up north due to the fact that most people just want to be as comfortable as possible when they're walking around in the sweltering heat. Which means layering, long pants, skirts to and below the knees, long sleeve tops and blouses and closed in shoes are not considered regularly when getting dressed each morning. And it's even harder for men. 
My fiance is from Sydney and was once used to dressing to the latest trends and having a different wardrobe for different seasons throughout the year. But after 5 years in the north, even he will tell you that singlets/t-shirts, shorts and thongs is the best a man can, and will do, in order to feel comfortable whilst living in the tropics. So, I asked my loving brother whether I could pick out 3 outfits in his current wardrobe to show (even with a singlet/t-shirt, shorts and thongs) that you can still have a good casual sense of style.

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Anonymous said...

Love the White shorts and Tie. Casual, funky but smart.
Great Look!!!