Miss Bias

20 February 2010

Reflection on Friday

Yesterday I went for my first working trial in Chapel St. It was for a small designer boutique, but I was unsure of the labels that were stocked and the style of the store. So I tried to keep it very simple, going with all black and gold based accessories. I decided to go with wedge shoes to keep it casual yet smart. A simple black singlet matched with a printed black skirt.

I think the trial went well. The Manager asked me back for some small shifts next week, so I'll see if this is the store for me.

I've been trying to catch up with a girlfriend from school since last year. She is in Melbourne and she got in touch with me the first week I was back in Townsville. So after about 3 months, I finally was able to meet up with her last night. She was meeting up with some other people for dinner, and it turns out that two of them were also from school and the other two were from Queensland. So it turned out to be a very tiny reunion and a QLD get together. It was my first time out in St Kilda at night. We headed to the Bluecorn Mexican restuarant. It was a great little spot. There was a real buzz in St Kilda last night. I guess people were making the most of the gorgeous summer night.


Robyn said...

I love your outfit with the hat missbias - Robyn

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would have to agree. The hat suits the outfit perfectly. Very funky!!!