Miss Bias

23 February 2010

There was a cool breeze

Since I am in the process of searching for the right job that will suit me and my uni schedule, I've been able to make most of a few days off here and there. Today, was one of them. I got up a little late and worked on the computer for a couple of hours and then decided I needed a break. In which, I twittered at that time I should go shopping for dresses. Unfortunately, I did not find the dress(es) I was looking for, but I did pick up a cute 3/4 sleeve, knee length jacket and a few, very cheap pairs of sandles from Target (which seems to becoming a regular place to find bargains). Not sure if is the right time to be buying sandles, but for the price I paid, I won't probably need to look for new pairs next summer. And since I'm from Townsville, North Queensland, even if I do (and very likely to) take a trip back home mid year, sandles will still be favourable, as winter really isn't a winter when you live in the tropics.

When I was ready to leave the house, I noticed that there was a cool breeze, so I casually put on some warmer items, since I would be wondering around outside. My grey hat is becoming a little popular, particularly on my "bad hair" days.

I found this sweet girl in Camberwell carpark outside of Target. Very cute outfit.

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Anonymous said...

Love the white boots Miss Bias - very cute!!!