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10 February 2010

Townsville Designer Showcase

As previously mentioned in Townsville Showcase No. 4, the Managing Director where I am currently working, his wife is a local designer and is stocking her label, "Miss Elsie's Wardrobe," in Secondo Style. I got talking with the Managing Director and he thought it would be a great idea if his wife, Trina, and I got together.

So I met with his lovely wife, Trina Fracchia, and we hit it off instantly. I guess partly because we are both aspiring designers who love fashion and understand the passion behind desiring to have a successful fashion label. Trina showed me around her small one room studio, and all of her beautiful fabrics and started telling me about her potential designs. I was so impressed! Trina has created a gorgeous vintage inspired clothing line in North Queensland and is looking to distribute her designs not only to Townsville but to southern cities as well.

I thought it would be a good idea to showcase Trina's designs and ask her some questions about her label.

MB: What inspired you to start Miss Elsie's Wardrobe?

TF: I have always had an interest in clothes and fashion since I can remember. Miss Elsie's Wardrobe, named after a spinster great aunt who was a clothes fanatic, officially began at the beginning of 2009 with a showcase of one off designs. Another was held in October and both were quite successful. I felt that there was a desire for women to have something different and unique. Something that made them feel happy and individual.

MB: How do you go about selecting your fabrics?

TF: Fabrics are my real obsession - I love prints and I love vintage fabric. So Miss Elsie's Wardrobe combines these two elements (as much as possible). It is difficult to source fabric - naturally vintage fabric is getting harder and harder to come by. I do not make garments with used fabric, but with unused fabric from the 40s and 50s through to the 70s. The designs are inspired by those eras, but with some modern elements. Fabrics are generally cotton or silk, but the occasional stretch polyester/knit has made its way into garments here and there!

MB: How long have you been sewing and designing for?

TF: I started sewing out of necessity, wanting some funky and unusual clothes when I was first pregnant. My sewing and designing progressed from there wanting clothes that were in some way unique. I was making too much for myself, and hence, decided to see if there was a niche market to sell my designs. I had a market stall with friends for a while, which was very good and brilliant for getting feedback and contacts.

MB: What plans do you have in store for 2010?

TF: Plans for 2010 largely include regularly stocking at Secondo Style at the Rising Sun Shopping Complex, Townsville with new garments. Also working on some things to send to a boutique in Brisbane's West End called "Don't Tell Fanny" and I have a huge desire to showcase some clothes for girls aged between 8 - 14. The label will be called "Little Miss E." I am also looking at establishing a website as another outlet.

MB: Where can people purchase/order your garments from?

TF: Clothes are stocked at Secondo Style and can be viewed on Miss Elsie's Wardrobe Facebook site where I can be contacted direct if desired.

Below are some photos I took of Miss Elsie's Wardrobe latest designs, including Little Miss E designs.

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