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05 February 2010

Townsville Fashion Showcase No. 4

I have been newly introduced to this gorgeous little store from a friend of mine who I'm currently doing some contract work whilst she is on maternity leave. I was very fortunate that I was able to help her out, as I was on uni break and looking for some full time work. It turns out though, that the Manging Director of the company, his wife is a local designer and is stocking her label in this cute new store - Secondo, which opened in late 2009.
So they all told me to go down and take a look.

What I love about this store is that is stocks both new and pre-loved clothing. To make it even better, the new clothing are of labels that aren't stocked anywhere else in Townsville, making them totally unique. I got talking to the owners Mel and Michelle and they told me that their concept is to bring fresh new fashion into Townsville by stocking labels that are either locally designed or that aren't stocked elsewhere but also to cater for women who shop on a budget, hence offering quality selected (as well as designer) pre-loved items.

At present Secondo are stocking only five (5) labels for new clothing.

Lola Espeleta
Pepe Jeans
Hale Bob
Miss Elsie's Wardrobe (local designer)

My favourite new pieces:

Miss Elsie's Wardrobe vintage inspired dress

Lola Espeleta knit singlet

Desigual vest chaos

Favourite pre-loved pieces:

True Religion jeans

Veronika Maine top
Monica Bolero

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