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15 February 2010

Trip to Sydney

So I managed to get myself up out of bed Monday morning after 5 hours of sleep (and 4 hours travelling the night before) and catch the plane to Sydney at 9.15am to meet with Pam from Fashion Future as well as have a look around at Fashion Exposed.

The meeting with Pam went really well and I look forward to working with her more in the future. Pam gave me some great advice on how to get my first fashion business/label underway. So, I'm very excited, and now just have to find the time between full time study and part time work to get things going.
Fashion Exposed was really interesting and I was rather impressed with the Emerging Talent that was on show. My favourite's being Bradley McLennan and Olivia Siobhan (student).

"Pre-packaged lover" dress, Bradley McLennan
(Photos from fashionising.com)

I was bitterly disappointed that the event didn't allow photographs to be taken within the exhibition space, but understand the logic behind that completely.
What I also loved about Fashion Exposed was that I came across labels that I haven't yet discovered. Here were some of my favourites:

Pink Stitch, Elise Design, Gisu, Urban Alibi, Two Birds, Eve of Adam, Sabio Designs, Eternal Safari and Sebastian's Sister, Dada & Co, Halsinky and Sass.

I hope to research all of these labels in the near future and bring you some interesting designs that I fell in love with.

After spending a good 2 & 1/2 hours at the exhibition, I decided to finish up at Fashion Exposed and head to Surry Hills to have a look around. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across some sort of Chinese celebration in front of the St George bank on George St. There was lots of drums and dancing and then I noticed firecrackers. Before I knew it, the crackers were alight and the noise was deafening. Even though I could barely hear a thing (and my ears were ringing for a good 15 minutes afterwards), I thoughly enjoyed the unexpected celebrations.

I wondered over to Surry Hills to seek a particular fabric store that Trina of Miss Elsie's Wardrobe had told me about. I couldn't remember the name of the store, so I called my sister to search the whitepages online for fabric stores in Surry Hills. She advised me that there was a store called the Fabric Store located on Cooper St. I said "That's it." How could I have possibly forgotten that name? So easy!

There was loads of fabulous fabrics and they were having a sale on everything!

Well I thought that it must have been fate - on a rare occasion that I'm in Sydney, I find myslef in a fabric store where they were having a sale on everything - so thanks to the credit card, I made a few small purchases. When I turn the fabric into garments, I will post for all to see. But until then, you'll have to wait to see what fabrics are inside this little bag.

So, I was back in the airport killing time until my flight was ready to board, when I saw this girl standing at the ATM in this dress that struck me with so much colour and cuteness and styled with these adorable flat, lattice like shoes, that I just had to take a photo. It's my first street style photo. I hope that there are many more to come. Style it up people, because I'm coming to find you!

Dress - French Connection

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