Miss Bias

21 February 2010

Weekend activities

Yesterday, I had a second trial at another boutique on Chapel St. The trial itself went well and I was offered a position to start immediately. Unfortunately, the boutique wasn't representing a style that I thought I could conform to myself and so I decided to turn the offer down. I like to experiment with my style, however, if the style doesn't feel comfortable the first time, then I wouldn't normally try it again. I was just afraid that I wouldn't be able to comfortably where the style that suited this particular boutique on a weekly basis.

This is what I wore to the trial and was told that I was far too conservative for the store. Yes, I will admit I did play it safe, but I also like to dress with a little conservative sophistication from time to time.

Today, I took advantage of the fact that this might be my only Sunday off for the rest of the year and with that notion, decided to go to the markets. I went into the city to see the Arts Centre Markets that happen every Sunday at the Melbourne Arts Centre and under the bridge at Southbank.

There was so much creativity, I was enthralled by just about every stall. There was an equisite photographer, Mark Tidy, who had some remarkable photos. However, one stall that just amazed me was the Bookseed. Beautiful hand painted and crafted book binding creations using recycled brown paper and other materials such as bamboo and fabrics.

Beverley is the founder and artist behind the
Bookseed. She is an absolutely delightful, genuine and creative soul, in which her passion is evident
in her artwork.

I got talking to Beverley, who is a fan of Project Runway and The Whitehouse, and I was telling her that my Grandmother, who is now in her 80s, regularly writes memoirs of her life and the life she lived with my late Grandfather and how I could see Beverley's artistic book binding creations being a perfect fit for keeping these memoirs in tact.


Anonymous said...

Really love the shorts outfit - great colour scheme - nice casual look.

Anonymous said...

Love the shorts outfit - however can you advise what shoes you would recommend to wear with this ensemble

Miss Bias said...

Thanks very much for your comments.

I would recommend a great pair of black ankle boots to go with the shorts ensemble.

MB : )