Miss Bias

26 February 2010

Weekly discovery

As a fashion student and aspiring fashion designer, I'm always looking for places and opportunities, for when the time comes, to distribute/stock my label. Last year, I heard about Design A Space and was really curious to go and have a look at their stores located on Chapel St and Manchester Lane, but unfortunately, I never got around to it.

This week I did. I put on my new jacket and off I went, on a mission, to seek out the Design A Space retail stores.

I love the concept. The stores are completely filled with Independent Australian Designers, who rent out particular areas of space to showcase and sell their designs. The designs range from fashion, bags and accessories, shoes, homewares, art & illustration and much more.

I looked at just about every designer in each store, there really is so much to look at and all the designers are so beautifully creative. I did have a few favourites.

Erin Louise - simple basics with a feminine Erin Louise twist.

McKenzie Mode - funky and vibrant clothing made of natural fibres

Conflict of Interest - interesting chic fashion pieces

Anna Seed - An original Linda Britton label revived in collaboration with her sons Alex and Tim

My outfit
Jacket -Y Apparel USA
Dress - Barkins
Cardigan - Sussan
Shoes - Barkins
Beads -Target


brooke said...

barkins is such a great place for simple good workwear! love it. how funny, clicked on your page via twitter (thanks for the follow!) and you mentioned erin louise - she's from my area!! so weird how things happen like that...


Anonymous said...

Love this outfit - really cool look Miss Bias