Miss Bias

23 March 2010

Another fashionista riding the train

Pretty much everyday I'm on the lookout for interesting street style. I must admit, I am normally always in a rush to get to somewhere and do often miss out on great opportunities of capturing good street style because I have been unprepared. I think from now on, I should carry my camera around my neck, just in case I see a great outfit on the street and can capture the look instantly, rather than thinking "by the time I ask to take the photo, get my camera out of my bag, take the photo and then replace my camera in my bag, I will run late to where I am heading, so I won't bother."

In saying that though, I typically have to take time out of my busy schedule to ride the train between destinations A and B. This is normally the time where I can take things in around me at a more controlled pace and am often in a position to get my camera out leisurely to take a photo.

Like my last street style shot, I again was on the train today and saw this young lass wearing a vintage inspired ensemble, which I thought was worthy to show to you all.

Great colour and print

How cute are these shoes?!

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Melanie M said...

What a great shot! She looks splendid! Those shoes are TO DIE FOR. :)