Miss Bias

27 March 2010

Creative Cupcakes

My housemate is a real whiz in the kitchen. Neally every week she is cooking or baking something new or extremely creative. Today, she was going to her friend's son's birthday (he was turning 2) and the theme was trains. So my housemate, the lovely lady she is, offered to make train cupcakes for the party. Chocolate cupcakes and blue icing with strawberry licorice trains and smarties wheels. So adorable! And of course they were a huge hit with the kids, especially the birthday boy.

On the fashion front, this week I thought I would try and mix and match colours, and I guess my candy pink t-shirt went well with today's candy coloured cupcakes theme.


Jonesy said...

love the cupcakes!!! cute blog!!! I'm a new follower : )

Please check out mine as well and follow if you like it


i'm a hungry hungry tiger. said...

lol the buttons on your vest go with the candy on the cupcakes. cute blog!

Vinda Sonata said...

great cupcakes and lovely oufit. love the vest!!

p.s. just added you to my blogroll. thanks for the links exchange!!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit Miss B!
Where did you get the hat?

Miss Bias said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.

I got the hat from The Hat Studio (post 13/03/10), when they were having their closing down sale. I actaully picked up the same hat last year and revamped it to suit the styling to my original design for uni (post 20/01/10).