Miss Bias

08 March 2010

An Eclectic Mix

It's Labour Day in Victoria today and what a glorious day it is. I couldn't help take a few photos because the day looked so picture perfect. I hope that everyone in Victoria is enjoying the fresh air.

It was a shame that the severe storm that swept through Melbourne on Saturday did so much damage to stores and buildings that the Honda Jazz Imagination Exchange had to be cancelled. However, not all was lost on Sunday and I did manage to go to the Hawthorn Markets, where I found this interesting idea by Kouture Knitwear. A group of knitwear designers who put together knitwear parades to raise money for fundraising for clubs/charities/organisations.

KosyKnit is just one of the designers involved.

(photo courtesy of Kouture Knitwear)

I am currently in the process of sorting through my wardrobe and giving away or selling on ebay all the things that I no longer feel I need. However, I just could't let go of these jewellery items and what an eclectic mix they are.

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