Miss Bias

13 March 2010

The Great Hat Sale

I've been meaning to inform you all of this unfortunate event, but The Hat Studio in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is closing down. This is their last week of trading. They are having a massive sale with every item 50-70% off the original price. They are even selling off items in bulk. I was in there last week and I saw that an entire table had been sold to one buyer. You can find items for retail and wholesale (millinery supply) here at the studio. Not sure if there is still any wholesale items left, as I think they may been snapped up pretty quick, but there are definitely some very beautiful pieces still available for a fraction of their retail price.

Louise Macdonald Milliner is an avid fan of The Hat Studio and has also advised all of her Facebook members not miss out on this rare opportunity. A highly recognised milliner, Louise is famous for creating hats that ooze beauty and style.

(Hat photos courtesy of Louise Macdonald website)

The Hat Studio is located at 117 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn East 3123.

If you have the time this week, it is definitely worth checking out.


Bucca said...

OMG I am so excited that I found this post and your blog!!!
I am going to have to check this out tomorrow, thanks so much :)

kirstyb said...

wow great hats x