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18 March 2010

Inspiring International Guests

I was fortnuate enough to attend a very inspiring forum today at university. Whitehouse's founder, Leanne Whitehouse, had arranged for two international fashion industry guest speakers - designer Timmothy Godbold and fashion industry insider Gary Tade along with Robert Englund, leading Fashion Marketing Agent.

Leanne introducing Timmothy, Gary and Robert

Both Timmothy and Gary were highly entertaining. Timmothy, who now has his own label out of Perth, had worked for years with Ralph Lauren, where he gained most of his experience within the fashion industry. He claims that it was his perseverance and hard work that got him to where he is today. Initially starting out as a sales assistant then doing everything he could possibly do to work his way up the ranks to head designer for Ralph Lauren's signature Collections label.

I was rather impressed with Timmothy's down-to-earth nature and his remarkable efforts to continually pursue a dream he had always envisaged. He said his greatest successes have come from his abilities of not being afraid to talk to people, which he could not iterate enough of how important it is to get yourself out there and introduce yourself to people within the industry. He also stated that also as equally as important as networking was clear communication. Communicating your design ideas or likes and dislikes about design and style, needs to be clear, confident and passionate, otherwise you won't be taken seriously.

Gary Tade has also been in the industry for a very long time, working as a PA for the likes of Ralph Lauren's Managing Director and the one and only Donatella Versace plus other administrative based roles for leading designers. He now consults to many labels around the world. He talked about the importance of paying attention to details, and how designers that he has worked for left no expense when it came to making sure that every detail was paid attention to both inside and outside of the design studio.

Timmothy Godbold entertaining us all

Gary Tade

I found an interesting and entertaining article featuring Timmothy in The West Australian - "Melbourne Fashion Festival Beckons"

Also for more information and to see Timothy's collections, head to his website

Timmothy Godbold AW 2010

Timmothy Godbold Resort 2009

Timmothy Godbold Resort 2009

(Photos courtesy of Google and The West

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