Miss Bias

21 March 2010

LMFF Sponsored Recyclable Take 2 Markets

Today was the final day in Loreal's Melbourne Fashion Week. I hope that for all of you who live in Melbourne, you were able to get out and see some of the festival throughout the week. I finished off the festival by heading down to the Take 2 Markets, a recyclable fashion event sponsored by LMFF. This was my first time to the markets that occur every 2 months.

It's a great place to find extremely inexpensive pre-loved items, including designer and vintage clothing and accessories. You really can find some fantastic and beautiful pieces at these markets. There are also a few stores selling new hand crafted items as well for those who prefer new to second hand.

It's $3 entry, with free entry into raffles and the event takes place at the Hawthorn Town Hall. Next market will be on Saturday 17 April.

While I was there, I came across Slinky Pinkies, a mobile beauty therapy business servicing customers in south and south east suburbs of Melbourne.

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