Miss Bias

15 March 2010

Sunday show offs

Yesterday, I decided to show off my new headpiece and vest. Not ever owning a headpiece before (apart from hats and fascinators that I've worn to the races only), I have lately been inspired by other women I've seen wearing headpieces. I always think that they look great, but never thought I could pull off wearing one myself. I found this one on sale at Cotton On on Elizabeth St, and thought that it was time to give the concept a go. As for my new vest, I'm loving the colour and scooped neckline.

So in my new head piece and vest, I ventured out for a couple of hours to see what was happening in the city. I headed over to Southbank and went and looked in the Southgate centre. I've never actually been in there before and found some wonderful boutique stores. Also, while I was there I had a great look over the LMFF sponsored Sanpellegrino 2009 Cafe Society Photography Competition featuring RMIT photography students. I've just done a search on the competition and it is actually featured on the LMFF blog site. I photographed my favourites, which now after looking at LMFF's blog, realised that three (3) out of the four (4) I've chosen, were actual winners in the competition. The exhibition didn't actually specify which photographs were the winning entries. There is about 16 pieces on display in the exhibition.

The boutique stores at Southgate that I really enjoyed and will be heading back to again were Exentrix and American Rag (website). Both really individually styled stores that offer a different mix of both clothing and accessories.


sophiasa said...

wow those are some really great photos!
I'm really lovin' your headpiece, it's a gem!<3

Mylie said...

That headpiece is Wonderful!!!
Love all the photos you featured
They sure did capture it well.