Miss Bias

18 March 2010

There was an inspiring Metamorphosis

Finally, I made it to an actual Fashion Week event. So consumed with uni, work and managing a head cold, I haven't been able to really get around and see the fashion festival as much as I would've liked. However, I did go to Wednesday night's Student Metamorphosis Showcase and I'm so glad that I did. I didn't have the greatest of seats, so I wasn't able to capture any real good photos, which I am very sad about. But the experience was very inspiring. Being a student, there is nothing better than seeing what a final collection might look or feel like. So going to these sorts of events, allows a student (like myself) to see what it is they will be potentially achieving at the end of their studies. And it is very rewarding.

The level of talent and skill was exceptional. Keep an eye for these upcoming designers.

A list of students that were showcasing their collections were:

Albert Lee - RMIT University, Melbourne
Alyssa Choat - University of Technology, Sydney
Christiana Livaditis - RMIT University, Melbourne
Daniella Caputi - Curtin University, Perth
Danielle can Camp - University of Technology, Sydney
Ellie Meyer - Curtin University, Perth
Georgia Lazzaro - RMIT University, Melbourne
Jacqueline Tyrell - University of Technology, Sydney
Laura de Vries - RMIT University, Melbourne
Olivia Jung - University of Technology, Sydney
Robyn Taggart - QLD University of Technology, Brisbane
Yoan Hendrick Limah - RMIT University, Melbourne

Getting ready to catch the train into the city

This woman was looking rather fab!

Eager attendees

Runway show

Ellie Meyer - Curtin Universtiy, Perth - www.myspace.com/prufrock_

Danielle van Camp - University of Technology, Sydney - www.daniellevancamp.blogspot.com

Olivia Jung - University of Technology, Sydney - www.theuniversalempire.net


sophiasa said...

wow that must have been exciting!! Great photos, very inspiring! <3

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit Miss B!