Miss Bias

16 March 2010

Welcome to the Powder Room

Tuesday was an extremely testing day, actually so was Monday. My university course started on Monday and there was definitely no easing into it. It was only the second day and already I felt completely overwhelmed with how I am going to manage the workload, work and personal matters all at the same time. But I think I'll just have to push through it and do the best that I can.

So after a very long and intense day, I headed over to the Loreal Powder Room that sits right out front of where all of this week's major runway shows will be taking place - Central Pier Docklands. I didn't have a ticket into Tuesday's night show (as they had all sold out by the time I went to purchase a ticket), but nevertheless wanted to suss out the venue and how to get there for Wednesday night's Student Metamorphosis show that I will be attending.

The Powder Room is free for anyone to attend. It's simply a place to be a little bit pampered and to receive a nice little gift bag before heading into a Runway Show or simply taking time out.

Gift Bag - Loreal Lip Collagen Filler, Kireak Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, Loreal Glam Shine Volumizer Lip Gloss and a number of discount cards.

While I was there, I also took a few photos of some outside fashionistas.

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