Miss Bias

10 March 2010

Say goodbye to Summer

If you are living in Melbourne, you would know that Summer has come to an end and autumn has set in......

It's cold, windy, overcast and rainy. Classic signs that winter will be arriving in the near future. Which means, if you leave the house without some sort of jacket, raincoat or umbrella, or closed in shoes, you could find yourself feeling a little worse off than others.

But it is also a great time to have fun with dressing up, experimenting with layers, wearing those fabulous boots that were in storage over summer and much more....

My outfit:
Top - MNG
Skirt - Valley Girl
Coat - Caroline K Morgan (CKM)
Leggings - Target
Boots - Joanne Mercer
Accessories - various

1 comment:

tobes said...

love the jacket :)