Miss Bias

22 April 2010

Frock Stars

I love going to exhibitions, even more so when they are featuring anything to do with fashion. The Frock Stars Exhibition kicked off today at the Powerhouse Musuem in Sydney. The exhibition is celebrating 15 years of Australian Fashion Week. The exhibition will bring you interesting and entertaining history, news and fashion from behind-the-scenes of previous fashion weeks, catwalks, front row and much more. You can also see the design process in the studio with one of Australia's leading designers, Nicola Finetti. The exhibition will be running until 29 August 2010, so if you are in Sydney and love fashion, then this is a definite must see.

Today, as I was heading to the Melbourne City Library after doing some last minute fabric sample shopping, and I came across this stylish gentleman, Edward. Couldn't resist in taking his photo. Very cool sense of style.