Miss Bias

03 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope that you are all planning wonderful things over the weekend and celebrating with family and friends. I'm off to Sydney to be with my partner and his family. I'm wondering what the Easter Bunny will deliver tonight? I'm hoping some very yummy chocolate. I am going to try and be good though, as I won't be taking my running shoes with me, so it won't be until Tuesday before I can start exercising again.

Unfortunately, I have to work today before catching my flight and haven't yet packed. So I better get to it.

Enjoy the weekend people.


Vinda Sonata said...

great style. i love the scarf and the layering style!

p.s. sorry for very late reply for the mail, i don't know if i had notified you about this before but i've added your blog to my blogroll. thanks for the links exchange :)

Anonymous said...

You have such great hats Miss B!
Really love your outfit creation!