Miss Bias

21 April 2010

Devoted to Fashion

Most people who are not in the fashion industry, simply believe that fashion design and most professions that involve creativity are cruisy and far less stressful than other professions. It simply isn't the case. I have a degree in Biomedical Science and Business Management and I find studying Fashion Design, just as hard, if not harder than both of the previous degrees I've done. Currently I'm studying the following subjects, Design Processes and Methods, Design History, Pattern Making, Garment Construction and Visual Communications (Fashion Illustration and Graphic Design combined).

There are 30 contact hours and then assignments including both in class and out of class assessments as well as extra compulsory activities to complete in order to pass the course. I spend at least an extra 30 hours of my own time completing the required assessments and activities. It is definitely a degree that is not for the faint hearted and you definitely have to be committed, dedicated and enjoy hard work. But what I love about the degree and producing anything creative is the amazing satistifaction that I get when I see the completed product, whether it be a fashion garment, an illustration, a mood board, etc and know that the hard work that I've put in was definitely worth every effort.

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Anonymous said...

Really love this ensemble! Great colours Miss B!