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15 April 2010

Wentworth Falls

I finally received my camera back today, after I left it in Sydney during the Easter long weekend. I was able to go through the photos that I took whilst I was in Sydney and even though their not fashion, design or style related, I thought I should show them anyhow. For those who are new to my blog, I do have a soft spot for natural surroundings, as previously expressed in an older post. I tend to get lost and inspired simultaneously in beautiful and breath taking natural environments. I always feel completely relaxed and as if I have no cares or stresses in the world. These experiences I really appreciate and remember.

These photos below are of my day trip with my partner and his daughter to
Wentworth Falls in the blue mountains located in the western surrounds of Sydney. It wasn't a planned trip, we just decided to go for a drive and have lunch somewhere up in the mountains. We ended up at Wentworth Falls and spent about an hour walking around the bush tracks. It was a really enjoyable afternoon.

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sophiasa said...

wow those pics are incredible!!