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26 May 2010

First Dress Toile Phase

Firstly, I have to acknowledge the Queensland NRL State of Origin team for their triumph win over New South Wales. I actually couldn't watch the first of the three State of Origin matches as I was excitedly watching the final episode of Lost. My verdict on the Lost ending - a little lost! I have watched every season and only missed a number of episodes over the course of the entire show, which has always left me feeling very confident that I have been up-to-date with the storyline. But the finale and the concluding storyline ending left me lost, no pun intended. After watching the final meaning to the Lost story, my flatmate (another Lost enthusiast) and I, were left mulling over several theories of how the "meaning" to Lost actually tied in to the rest of the story that we have been watching for about 5 years. We actually had to come up with our own idea of how it all tied in. This left us both slightly disillusioned as to what the actual purpose of the show was? Maybe that was the intention??

Anyway, back to things relating to design. I mocked up this not so appealing toile/sample of my original dress, that is part of my upcoming 2 body collection for uni. My theme is based on women riding motorcyles, using trends from the brief - futuristic and luxe sportswear. I didn't have time to go and buy calico for sampling, so I just used whatever fabric I could find that was left over from other in class activities. I think it is a little hard to get a real feel of what the dress will look like as the odd combination of sample fabrics I've used makes it hard to envisage the actual design. I have a number of areas that I need to tweek, which means that I will have to make up another toile. The second time around I'll just use calico, so it is easier to see the actual design. The dress will be paired with stretch leggings and a futuristic sports jacket and there won't be any sort of floral print.

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itslikeart said...

ooh, such a pretty print!

lovely blog too :)