Miss Bias

19 May 2010


I had such an unproductive and very interuptive day today. So much for making up samples of my original designs. Instead, I was only able to finalise some of my patterns. Below is my pants pattern draft (well half of it, as I could only photograph to the knee line). I will be able to make these up in sample form on Friday.

Although, I was extremely unproductive, many students weren't. My beautiful fellow class mate, Alexandra, was kind enough to allow me to photograph her whilst she busily worked away making up her sample jacket.

I must be loving this white cropped jacket at the moment, I want to wear it with everything.


Marlboro Martini said...

Jeez, amazing job!!!

PS I hate being interuppted!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I love the shoulders on your white jacket!

Devon said...

Very cute outfits! x

MadameDollface said...

well it is a very cute jacket!

Anonymous said...

Love your ensemble Miss B! The tie works really well!