Miss Bias

22 May 2010

Let the toiling process begin

I've finally started. But I will admit, I haven't gotten very far. I need a big week this week coming for focusing purely on making up my original designs in toiles/samples. I only managed to get half of my blouse done in hour and a bit on Friday morning. I still have to add the sleeves. Don't mind the unflattering fabric I'm using. It cost me $2 per metre from Lincraft. I bought it to make up a cowl bodice sample for a uni class activity and thought I'd use the rest to make up my blouse sample, as it is similar in weight to the sheer fabric I will actually use for the final design. This is one of the more simplier pieces I'm making as the pants that I am matching this blouse with are much more detailed. I didn't want the blouse design to clash or overpower the design details that will be in the pants.

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