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06 May 2010

Are men ready for skirts?

One of my readers on Facebook, asked me what my opinion was on the concept of skirts for men that was presented at Rosemount Fashion Week. I am making the assumption that she was asking me about the runway show of Project Runway Season 2 winner, Anthony Capon, who showcased his A.Concept 2010/11 collection today at Fashion Week. During last year's Project Runway, thousands would have been witness to Anthony himself wearing skirts. The Herald Sun in September 2009, published an article, Designer Anthony Capon wants men to wear skirts, where they have quoted Anthony as saying,

"They're more comfortable, they have more movement in the legs, and if you've got good legs you might as well show them off"...."For me, you still have to have hairy legs, you don't do it to look feminine, I think that's the whole thing about it."

So what do I think.....

Firstly, the fashion items themselves. The colours are true to Anthony's style of dark, almost goth appearance, but with significantly more creativity and elegance than that of typical goth. The occasional hints of white and metallic were also present in the remainder of the 2010/11 collection, but personally, even though I am not a great lover of black, I think that with Anthony's current design aesthetic, he should stick with black and white only. I do like designers that challenge the normal ready-to-wear ideals and add their own sense of style and creativity to their collections in order to personify individuality. Do I like the entire collection, yes and no. Like many collections there are pieces you love and pieces you don't.

In regards to the menswear he created, the idea of skirts and dresses are very much the style of Anthony Capon. Do they represent the style of the current heterosexual male? Probably not at this point in time. Will the pieces more likely appeal to the transgender and cross dressing male, yes, but that was not Anthony's intentions. He has designed this collection for all males, whether they be homosexual or heterosexual. Yes, there are heterosexual men out there that wear kilts, sarongs and what I call the "hippie" pants, the wrap, ankle crutch pant. But the current culture in today's society sees men as highly masculine, physically powerful and quite distinct from their female counterparts. Yes, there is the growing trend of the metropolitan man, who is more in tune with his emotions and sense of fashion and femininity, but not currently to the extent that would allow them comfortably to wear a skirt to the local pub or to a sporting arena. But that is not to say that somewhere in the future, society's culture towards men won't change and embrace that of men wearing skirts.

We also have to keep in mind that this is a runway collection. Anthony himself may produce exactly what he showcased today for the consumer to buy, but in the fashion industry, it is normally the fashion designers that showcase at fashion weeks that create inspiration for major retail chains and lower end fashion retailers. Hence, Anthony's designs could be used as inspiration to create a more subtle, appealing and affordable fashion item (in this case skirts for men) that may actually connect to men of today.

This piece is too over the top to be appealing to men as an entire fashion style. Lose the neck and shoulders and I can definitely see some wealthy man strolling around a resort in this easy to wear and comfortable dress. I've seen plenty of men wearing ugly, bright coloured and patterned sarongs around resort pools, this piece is far more flattering than that image.

Not sure if I can see a man wearing this as it is. Place a long sleeve shirt underneath and maybe. Definitely don't think men are ready for the see through leggings just yet and I personally don't want to see a man's hairy legs squished against fine see through material.

Not a fan of the sheer skirt for men. I'm more open to lean towards the opaque look.

I do like this shirt dress and can see this as a very wearable piece. Again the sheer leggings is not appealing to me nor do I think men of today will respond to this look.

I do love this look. This entire piece takes my top pick for A.Concept's menswear.

(images courtesy of Zimbio.com)

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Anonymous said...

i would love to see my boyfriend wear all of a.concepts collection. androgyny is obviously his key signature style, with knowledge of the general fashion paradigm or system you would know that he isn't designing "outfits" he is creating a collection of clothes. i am sure that these are not to be intended to be worn all at once. when separating each outfit, every piece is very wearable. and if you have not seen men wear tights/skirts than you have not lived! he is not the first designer to propose skirts for men, Marc Jacobs has been rocking it for quite sometime now! this collection is amazing and deserves only positivity, especially from a student.