Miss Bias

22 May 2010

Student Style of the Week

Oh my goodness, I haven't been able to touch my computer since Thursday and it is now late Saturday afternoon. I had a crazily busy day on Friday. I got up at 8am, was at uni at 9am and didn't get home until 1am on Saturday morning. I then had to get up at 8am Saturday, so I could catch the train to work at 9am. It's been hectic.

I was worried that with my week being so busy, I wasn't going to be able to present Student Style of the Week. But thankfully I was in class with Anjalie, who was looking very cool, and she takes this week's Student Style of the Week.

An eclectic mix of new, vintage and second hand. I'm loving the lilac colouring.


gabrielle said...

i take it you go to fashion school bc your classmates are fab. my peers were pretty geeky in the classics department. no fashion bloggers there.


Anonymous said...

Love the tights - cool pattern!