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02 May 2010

Welcome back Christina Aguilera

If you haven't seen the latest video clip by Christina Aguilera, then you must.

Not only a brilliant singer, Christina never ceases to entertain and this time round she again has not let her fans down. She may be facing some serious criticism at present about her latest video clip ripping off other fellow pop stars, like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna, but I say, give the girl some credit.

She was in the music business long before Gaga and we are all quite aware of her superiority to Britney Spears. She's gone back to her "Dirty" roots but this time in the current pop culture trend, keeping up with the current industry's best such as Gaga. If people are going to criticise Christina then they should be also criticising other pop stars that try and follow the trends of what consumers are responding to. I don't see Rhianna and Beyonce being ridiculed for wearing similiar outfits as Madonna and Gaga. So I say "Lay off Christina" and actually listen and watch her music for what it is meant for - entertainment.

(images courtesy of Christina Aguilera website)

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