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17 June 2010

Let's Rendezvous

I can't believe that I haven't yet told you all about the fabulous company that is Le Reve. I stumbled across this company and it's wonderful products, when I went to a friend's house for a perfume party a couple of years ago. We had such a great time. It was a cosy lounge room party with a Le Reve representative showcasing the beautiful aromas of Le Reve's perfumery with my friend as the host. It was such a cool concept, I ended up hosting my own Le Reve Rendezvous Perfume (Parfum) party at a local night spot where I had a private section for myself and my gorgeous family and friends to be pampered with beautiful perfumes before heading to dinner.

As a hostess, I received wonderful free gifts and then got more free gifts based on the how many friends I had at the party and how much they bought.

I continue to receive newsletters from Le Reve so that I can keep up to date with their new products, which now include Aromatherapy and Skincare. From what I can read from their website, you can now host either a Perfume, Aromatherapy or Skincare Rendezvous party. I think when I get some free time again, I may host another party.

Even if you are not a host or a VIP member, you can still go and shop online at Le Reve's website.

Classic Parfum Collection

Aromotherapy (including candles, oils, mists, body shampoos etc)

Skincare for all skin types

Men's Range

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