Miss Bias

05 June 2010

MARS Gallery

I discovered the MARS Gallery today. When uni has finished, I will definitely take out the time to go and visit this marvellous gallery. The gallery not only shows exhibitions, sells beautiful artworks but also has a rental program. I think this is fantastic concept. Go to an exhibition or see the stockroom artworks and rent out the pieces you love for 12 months at a fraction of the price.

The gallery is currently exhibiting the artworks "A Little Bird Told Me," showing a number of different artists, such as Martin King, Jo Bertini, Erin Tappe, Stuart Spence and many more.

"Chemical Fantail" by Erin Tappe

"John Cotton" by Jo Bertini

"Great Snow Dragon" by Graeme Base

"Above and Under" by Eleanor Hart

"homage to J M (The Statue Maker) 7" by Kevin Maritz

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tobes said...

wow Maritz's sculpture is so smoth and sophisticated and a bit tribal :P love it :)