Miss Bias

08 June 2010


Inspired by Rachel Roy's Resort 2011 Collection, I thought that I would layer some bright block colours today. I love wearing colour in winter in Melbourne, as it is such the non thing to do, but I find with everyone wearing black, navy and grey it gets a little boring otherwise.

Recently, I started showcasing the toiling process of my original designs. It is a very busy time of year, with 5 pieces to be drafted, sampled (toiling process) and manufactured, all by myself within a 5 week period, as well as managing several other assessment items and part time work. This is the blouse (now turned shirt - as I will be adding a proper collar to the design below, but haven't quite done that as yet) that I will be making in sheer fabric and also the beginnings of my jacket. The jacket has started off a little too big, so I've had to grade it down a size, take it in, in several places and now have decided to slightly change the design as well. So what you see below, will somewhat resemble the final design.

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