Miss Bias

24 July 2010

Another year older

So yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day and very entertaining night. I was able to head to the movies with a free ticket and I went and saw Knight and Day, which was really fun and entertaining. I was skeptical to it being any good due to the bad reviews it has received, but I really enjoyed it. Then it was rush, rush, rush to find a new outfit and head to the Melbourne Gaol's Hangman's Tour. A good hour of entertaining history about one of Victoria's largest gaols and it was all done by candlelight, so that was quite cool. After that, I had booked a carriage booth at The Toff In Town, and continued the night with good food, beverages, music and great company.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss B!

It looks like you are stepping out in class. I love the ensemble, especially the boots. Awesome color!