Miss Bias

23 July 2010

Birthday celebrations and vintage inspired style

Well I'm celebrating my birthday today. I'm going to have an easy day at work and then head out on a unusual tour tonight (will provide details over the weekend) and then dinner and drinks later on. Since I am working today, I couldn't manage to fit everything in that I wanted to do, so I'll be pampering myself tomorrow at the beauty salon also.

A little while ago, I showcased a Townsville Vintage Designer, Trina Fracchia of Miss Elsie's Wardrobe. Trina started out in her local hometown of Townsville, Queensland (where she is based) and has now spread her wings and being very successful with Miss Elsie's Wardrobe's Etsy and Made It Online Stores.

Trina also expanded her little empire by including girls wear, Little Miss E, which also has been an instant success.

Below are some of Miss Elsie's Wardrobe's latest pieces, plus many more, which you can find on Etsy and Made It, and/or order via Facebook. For those who love vintage inspired style, then Miss Elsie's Wardrobe is a label you've been looking for. Trina also makes to order, so if you have something in mind, be sure to be in contact with her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss B!

Glad to see you are supporting some local talent. I have to admit I wasn't really fussed on the garments from the original show piece on this designer, however I am really liking the new ones! Very cool!