Miss Bias

08 July 2010

Durable wardrobe pieces

This skirt is an oldie but a goodie. I've had this skirt for over 5 years. It never looks like it's ever going to wear out. It hasn't even shed a loose thread in the entire 5 years or more that I've owned it. I can wear through all the seasons. It's a great skirt also because it can adapt to my fluctuating waist line. On the waist or on the hips, it looks like it's meant to fit either place. It's simply shorter when I'm a little heavier and it has to sit on my waist. I just had a look at the label and it's from Ally of all places. I don't think it cost me very much and it's lasted forever when you compare it to today's fast fashion trends.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute skirt Miss B! Looks great!