Miss Bias

09 July 2010

Inspiring Australian Architecture

While I was waiting around for some work to do today, I was needing a little inspiration. I haven't looked at architecture and interior design for a while, as I've been focusing on fashion and style a lot more over the past few months. But I have previously mentioned my love for architecture and interior design. I looked up a particular architect designer that I had seen in the newspaper today and found that they were linked to the Australian Institute of Architects website.

The site hosts the prestigious National Architecture Awards, which started in 1981. The website contains approximately 2,000 projects that have been entered in the awards program since 19981.

Here are some of the wonderful designs that I was amazingly inspired by.

Stepped house Coffs Harbour - Campbell Luscombe Folk Lichtman Architects

Interior Redesign - MDA Architects

Bigola Beach House - Lesiuk Architects

Argentea Display Office/House - Total Project Group Architects

Amalfi Residence - Bayden Goddard Design


Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog site Miss B! Such versatility. I really love these designs.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had money to live in designs like these :(