Miss Bias

11 July 2010

Marvelous Markets

What a wonderful weekend it was for marvelous markets. Saturday was the Up and Comers Fashion Markets at Ormond Hall, featuring stalls of both vintage finds and new lables of emerging designers. Sunday, was the Melbourne Design Markets at Fed Square, showcasing gorgeous creative designs from fashion to homewares. If you missed these markets over the weekend, make sure you schedule a place in your diary for the next set of dates.

Grandma's Finest Market Stall host

Grandma's Finest


S said...

hey there, i've been browsing your blog for a while and noticed you are currently studying styling course at whitehouse, aren't you? i'm also interested in studying styling and creative direction course there, just wonder do they consider your UAI or your portfolio more? and what did you put in your portfolio, what sort of question did they ask when you were doing the interview? any tips will help me a lot, thanks.....

Miss Bias said...

Hi S

I am studying at The Whitehouse Institute of Design. I am doing Fashion Design rather than Styling and Creative Direction.

Please contact me via email missbias@hotmail.com and I will forward you some information and some styling student contacts.

Anonymous said...

What awesome stuff! Wish we had markets like this in Brisbane!