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29 July 2010

National Dress Controversy

Well it seems that this year's Miss Universe Australia's National Dress is a hot topic within the world of fashion and the people of Australia, but for all the wrong reasons. Our Miss Universe Australia contestant, Jesinta Campbell, recently launched the National Dress, in which she will wear at the World Miss Universe competition coming up in August and many people were aghast at the dress that is to represent Australia. The National Dress section of the competition, is where each contestant wears a "costume" that best represents their country.

Many have labelled the dress as a "joke" and a "travesty." I think that the concept was well thought out, but the execution of the ensemble could've been a little more refined but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. If you look back over the years at the National Dress section of the Miss Universe pageant, this section has been filled with ghastly costumes by numerous countries. However, I will defend our National Dress with the notion that the word "costume" plays a big part in the what this section in the pageant is all about. It's an opportunity for the contestants to showcase a style of dress that is characteristic of their particular country. I don't think it's a section that is judged on who has the best dress sense and style of fashion, as this is normally done in other sections of the competition.

As much as many have jumped on the band wagon of "how embarrassing" this is going to be for Australia, I think that we should all wait and see what it will be competing with against in the competition. Who knows, the other countries may have come up with a National Dress much worse than what we are complaining about. I think with Jesinta's poise and striking presence, she may just be able to pull this dress off and carry her proud Aussie spirit and the rest of ours with her.

I'd be interested to know what you think?

Photo courtesy of Herald Sun

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss B

I agree with you! When I first saw this costume I was quite in shock and found it a little disturbing. However, the more times I look at it, it continues to grow on me. I have reached the conclusion that I really like it now as I love the colours and prints, however really don't like the shoes. I feel that they could have just gone with some classic stiletto's to class it up.