Miss Bias

18 July 2010

Trip down memory lane.....

I was looking through some old photos that I took before I moved to Melbourne. Before deciding to study fashion, I always liked to dress up and even construct racewear outfits. With no training, sewing or pattern making skills and pure intuition, here are some of the racewear outfits I put together over the years.

Dress - home made
Shoes - Novo
Fascinator and accessories - various

Dress - Op Shop
Slip - home made
Accessories - Various

Outfit and accessories - Various
Fascinator - home made

Dress and Fascinator - home made

Outfit - home made
Hat - purchased base and then home made
Accessories - Various


Anonymous said...

outfits are bangin
the home-made pieces
they look 'classy'
you have great ideas and taste

Anonymous said...

you have great ideas and taste
the home-made pieces are amazing, pure brilliance
looking forward to seeing your next post

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss B

Pink homemade outfit is my favourite, however they are all classic, stylish designs!
Love your ideas! Can't wait to see more - looking forward to it.