Miss Bias

22 August 2010

Flower bed

It such a beautiful day today. The sun is shining, the temperature is nice and there is a refreshing breeze. A lovely change from the cold, windy and rainy miserable weather we've just had over the last week.

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent an hour or so op shopping, this time at the Australian Red Cross. They have some really great pieces both clothing and accessories and I am always amazed at what I find when I'm there. I picked up a few pieces, one of them being this interesting eagle ring. Rustic and unique looking, for $10, I thought, what a find!

I also found, some time ago, this brooch again at a op shop in my home town of Townsville. I regularly switch between wearing it as a brooch and/or as a pendant.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Miss B!