Miss Bias

27 August 2010

A touch of blue/green

What a week! I actually didn't manage to do all that much but I seemed to be going non stop until my head hit the pillow each night. I have another solid weekend of activities lined up from house hunting to sewing my LBD, to finishing off folios for uni, researching, and making sure I squeeze in some time at the beauty salon for some well deserved pampering.

I left my run a little late for next week's Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MFSW) and managed to only get tickets for one Designer Series Show, Fashion 101 and a Fashion Marketing Workshop. I'll try my best to attend as many free events as possible as well.

For a full list of program events, head to MSFW website.

In a recent post, I mentioned that I bought a few things from my local Australian Red Cross Op Shop. Below is a necklace that I picked up for $6. I like that all the beads are individual and I can wear all of them or just a few at any one time. I also like that I can wear them as a bracelet/cuff.

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Anonymous said...

Love the colours! Looks great agains the black!