Miss Bias

01 September 2010

Casual day at the office

I've been working in an office environment for the past few weeks and it has been interesting to see the change in attire from a Monday - Thursday to a Friday. There's like an unspoken rule that with Friday being the last day of a working week, it is ok to let the formal office attire of tailored suits and buttoned up shirts stay in the closet and Friday is the day that you can add some casual personal style to what you wear.

My lovely fellow colleague, Shannon, was kind enough to let me snap her up wearing her thoughtfully put together casual Friday outfit. How I love her boots, from a little boutique store on Rathdowne Street in Carlton.


Katie said...

They are fantastic boots! Such a gorgeous colour. I really like her floral patterned scarf with the striped top, too. That works so nicely.

I forgot to say earlier: thanks for subscribing to my blog! I really appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

That shannon is hot hot hot!

Anonymous said...

Love the boots. Great colour!